14 November 2011

Knit obsessed

Super-wide and rather chunky snoods from Louise Dungate

Super Chunky Knit Throw Pillow & Oversized Knit Pouf from danasjoy

Knitted light from tiffies & the Original from llot llov modell matt

Chunky knit blanket from lombok & knitted basket from fermliving via lys-vintage

I think you already know it_ I'm kind of obsessed with knit!
And here are my favourites for you...


JillePille said...

Gestern erst hab ich auch über Strick gepostet. Bin ebenfalls völlig verrückt danach... :)

Social Emissions said...

LOVE the feeling of a big warm chunk knit wrapped around me, I really like them in the colours you have picked as well.

Too hot for them here in Oz though.

New blog follower, I love your shit!


J's said...

love it !