12 November 2011

Paper bags

Paper bags
This quirky Motorcycle and Birkin paper bags are made by the thai label Wonder Anatomie by Chalermkiat Khatikasemlert. 
Don't be fooled by the paper description - the bag is actually made of cork leather. 
It's water-resistant and can hold up to 20kg.
Fun idea.

(source:  mmcandybkk.blogspot.com / unknown)


stereospecs said...

woah, i would never have guessed these bags were made of leather! they look wonderful :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie


I adore these!! I remember seeing the shopper one not too long ago..only problem is when it rains!


Este said...

Die wurden aber richtig gut gemacht!

JillePille said...

Krass, eine wirklich tolle Idee. die "Balenciaga" oben würd ich schon nehmen. Wie sieht dass den preislich aus? :)

Mija said...

@Jil: Die Taschen kosten ca. 400 Euro.

Social Emissions said...

My friend made me a blazer out of paper. I should really take a picture of it some time and share it! Thanks for reminding me (there are amazing!).


Samantha said...

Where did you get the "Paper Birkin Bag" from? I have been looking everywhere, but I can simply not find it!!!

I am a big fan of yours,

Mija said...

@Samantha: I have no clue where it is from - its not mine on the photo ;). But you could ask Sophia from www.personal-uniform.com. She has one of them.