03 July 2011

Cosy & oversized_
Asos floppy hat, Cos necklace, 1to9 smiling cord wristbands with gold detail (soon available 
in my shop), Vila Elly knitted jumper in pecan brown, Sessun Erika denim chambray jumpsuit
H&M minibag, Akira suede western boots


flavia said...

your blog is amazing, I can't believe you don't have a bajilion of followers!
the minimalism behind your style as well as the general aesthetic is really inspiring, I'm going to reblog tons of your pictures if you don't mind, with proper credit of course

Mija said...

Thank you very much Flavia !! :)

Bec said...

totally amazing!

Mija said...

You are so sweet - THANKS :)