15 October 2011

DIY - the Céline shirt

DIY - the Céline shirt
You need two shirts. One white and one jeans shirt. Take care that the sleeves have the same width - if not they don't fit together. Cut the sleeves from both shirts at the elbow. If the ends frassle turn them down and fix 'em with fusible web (or interfacing, or Vlieseline). Put the jeans shirt sleeves over the white shirt sleeves and iron them on with fusible web on the ends. Or take it to the tailor - they sew something like that for peanuts. 
I'll show you my result in a few days.

Jeans Shirt - here from H&M 
White Shirt - here from Zara
Vlieseline - here from a handicraft store

OR buy the alternative at Asos.com

(source: Céline / photo editing - 123456789smiling)


Helena said...

What a nice idea!!

Vavavabroom said...

Really cool! I have to take a Look at the asos version...


mintyandpeaches said...

What awesome idea, can't wait to see the finished product! ... I, on the other hand, would most likely have taken it to the tailor's. Or.. just have purchased the Asos alternative.

x Minty

dirty phoenix said...