17 November 2011

Isabel Marant sneaker 2012

Isabel Marant sneaker 2012
Here are some close up photos of the Isabel Marant SS 2012 sneakers. 
The Beketts are re-done in various poppy colors and the Bettys are available in a range of solid colorways.
Net-a-porter.com gets two different multi-colored versions 
of the hi-tops (Willow) and also the lower sneaker (Betty: suede / Bobby: suede+leather) in white.

(source: photo editing by 123456789smiling / www.lofficielmode.com / Thank you Mandi from findmeamuse.com))


S.P. said...

The one that's the shades of nude are my favourite. I WISH I could get a pair.
Strut Mode

Anne said...

need need need! the white ones are gorgeous... would look amazing with an all white outfit. wish they were not that expensive. xx

Sofija's World said...

Amazing sneakers! They are made to be loved! :)

nancy said...

What an awesome collection! I love the isabel marant sneakers! http://www.kittcreekoffice.com/isabelmarant/