19 November 2011

Shearling jacket

Fur isn't my cup of tea. Actually.
But the Isabel Marant shearling jacket from the AW 11 collection looks so cosy and effortless cool. Mh.
I can hear my boyfriend sayin' "let the sheep gaze".

Of course Zara made a lookalike shearling jacket.
To buy or not to buy? 
The alternative is the blue oversize parka from Zara (I tryed it on in the shop and I didn't know whether I wear a tent or a big tent. 
But you know -  I like oversize looks.)

(source: style.com / zara.com)


Anne said...

i love oversized tents! my bf hates them too, but i guess being a man repeller every now and then is okay. think you should go for it! XX

Anonymous said...

Haha, even if it looks like a tent, it will be warm!
Shearling jacket from Zara is my dream, I will wait for sale, now I don't have enough money :)
I love your blog!


electric feel said...

cozy and comfy- love it!

JillePille said...

ich finde die zara Jacke toll, kann sie mir schon gut an dir vorstellen. buy! :)

Taru said...

love the darkblue ones!

Cocoloni said...

Zara Jacke !!! Werde ich mir Kaufen :) xx

Tash said...

I really like the Zara one, you should go for it. I am also not a big fan of fur coats, but we have a huge wool glut in New Zealand so I'm pretty happy with shearling.


Tine said...

I bought it a couple of weeks ago and I love it :)
very warm and comfy

Kathrynsky said...

Ich find den blauen Parka SUPER - doch ich hab das Gefühl halb Hamburg hat ihn :)