10 October 2011

DIY - Cardigan with poppy patches

Get some color in your closet

Fresh: Neutrals combined with a poppy color. 

You can get these colorful patches at ebay, at the handicraft store or you gonna make it by your own with soft velour leather

The easiest way to get the patches on the cardigan - if there is no glue on the back: Fusible web (or interfacing, or Vlieseline). Press fusible web on the back side of the patches, cut out and remove the paper backing. 

Iron the patches on the cardigan.


Vavavabroom said...

Wie geil ist das denn!?!? :)

Anonymous said...

muss ich ausprobieren!

ME said...

Great tip. Love the pink against the grey!! These elbow patches seem to be everywhere. So much cheaper to do some D.I.Y