23 October 2011

Trendspotting AW11 part 6

Trendspotting AW11 part 6
the ponytail cuff

(source: photo editing and retouch by 123456789smiling / other sources on image)


Hanseatin said...

Bei H&M hier in Hamburg war er überall ausverkauft :( Ich hätte ihn so gern!

Eva said...

I love the haircuffs! So minimalistic and sophosticated xoxo


ASH said...

I really love this trend. It's so impossible to find hair cuffs on the high street, and neck cuffs for that matter.

JULIANE said...

Ich halte bei H&M auch jedes mal wieder Auschhau, aber bisher NIX ;(

EdgyCuts said...

Love it too :}

J's said...

I like it !