08 November 2011

Jeans shirt

Jeans shirt
Patchwork jeans shirt
Nowhere trackpants


Anne said...

i just came across your blog and i'm so in love. you're gorgeous and your style is amazing. i love everything you post and i can't stop clicking to the next pages... i hope this doesn't sound too weird, haha. thanks for the inspiration!


Anne said...

oh by the way, i was checking out that webshop chicwise a few minutes ago and i was wondering if you had to pay additional import costs or whatever for your order! really like that denim blouse :) x

Mija said...

@Anne: Unfortunately yes. I had to pay 19% import VAT. But it was worth it :) !
AND thank you so much for following me!!

Lina said...

love this shirt.. it is so super cool;)

Ambypure said...

Amazing denim shirt!