25 January 2012

DIP DYE coat

DIP DYE coat
Actually I wore a crisp white shirt underneath the blazer but I had to change it. Tomato soup + white shirt = bad idea.

Jersey blazer from Roxy (old) - you can get a similar one at Zara right now
Woolen longsleeve from Cos
Trackpants from Zara (old)
Iwona Ludyga tiny skully bracelet
Golden H&M haircuff - I'm planning to have a giveaway cause I have two of them
Isabel Marant Bekett wedged high-top sneakers
Dip dye coat with a cape from Cos (old)


ME said...

ohhhhhhhh the marants are out. LOVE them. laugh out loud at the soup...i can never wear white and stay clean ..

JillePille said...

Ein tolles Outfit liebe Mia, der COS Mantel ist richtig cool! Vor allem wegen des Capes.

alma said...

die Fotos ganz generell und dein Outfit sowieso!

2onplateaus said...

Oooooh, der COS Mantel!!!! Sieht super aus! Knaller Outfit!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous coat. I really love the graduated colour effect on it.

xx Mandi

vida*nullvier said...

sehr schöne bilder. schon in den mantel verliebt.. LG

Cloudy said...

Gefällt mir sehr gut das Outfit, sehr stimmig!
Und yei zum Give-Away, ich suche schon so wahnsinnig lange diesen goldenen Haarschmuck, aber überall scheint er ausverkauft zu sein!


HISLENS said...

I love this look, especially the coat! And yeah, anything colored is a big NO NO to white shirts.. Well, anything white for that matter, haha.

Dena said...

Your blog is one of my favorites!
Style LimeLight

Mija said...

Oah! Thank you girls for all the nice comments!!

THE said...

Such a great look, I absolutely love your styling!


Jessie said...

Love these shots - and your dip dye coat is pretty amazing - did you do it yourself?

Mija said...

@Jessie: Thank you!! No, I've bought the Coat like this.