09 January 2012

PAPER clothing

PAPER clothing
This pieces are sharp and crisp and they are made out of the thick Tyvek, 
a fabric that resembles paper in its lightest form yet still remains comfortable to wear. 
The tailored button down is slim fitted with a small collar.  It is very light with a single layer of thin & breathing Tyvek. 
A high performance, water resistant, breathable, washable fabric.
The brand is called UEG (USA E GETTA) and you can get the pieces here.
I don't think that it's suuper comfi, but it looks fun and the typography is really nice.


Unknown said...

I'm really into the jackets. Very cool.
xx Mandi

B. said...

Die Jacken sind toll, aber ich kann mir irgendwie nicht ganz vorstellen wie sich das beim Tragen anfühlen soll. Aber es ist mal etwas Neues, deshalb gefällt es mir doch recht gut :)

Liebe Grüße, B.