27 February 2012


F R O M   L E F T   T O   R I G H T
Alexander Wang quilted silk dress
Isabel Marant khan fishnet longsleeve
Acne lou shirt
Acne realites patch open knit 
Acne wannabe suede top
Acne blanc lurex top
Vintage fishnet top
Acne sharp oversize knit
Acne helsinki alpaka knit 

This are my february faves. Over the half of the stuff are ebay finds. 
A few vintage a few new. Guess which?
And HEY - I could almost open a Acne store ;). 


2onplateaus said...

Echt? Ebay? Ich liebe Dein Fishnet IM Oberteil. Was neu ist? Der weiße ACNE kurzarm Knit vielleicht ;)
xo Doro

Rini said...

eBay? Wow!!! Good hunting :)
the grey knit is amazing... it's still cold outside.

JillePille said...

Wow, tolle Sachen. Wenn ich mit jemandem gerne den Kleiderschrank tauschen würde, dann mit deinem!!!

SABINNA and DAVID said...

everything looks beautiful and very comfortable!

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

Dag said...

Nice collection!The grey Acne knit is a great find.

Anonymous said...

Such great taste! I can't get enough of gray, black, and white, those colors never get old to me. I LOVE that gray Acne knit...
- Aliya :-)

la vie quotidienne said...

I love Acne firma, is really nice!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

EdgyCuts said...

So, you are the one I should be scared of when bidding on an ACNE item? :}

Joana Sá said...

Oh I love your clothes

Kiss kiss.*Jo

HISLENS said...

Lots of ACNE! This is inspiration!

Mija said...

@EdgyCuts: Haha. Guilty as charged ;)!

Mija said...

THANK you all for all the super-nice comments !! :)

fashion-meets-art said...

hey mia, ganz tolle sweater. mir gefallen alle seeeehr gut!
mit welcher kamera machst du deine bilder?
liebste grüße
maren anita

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Mija said...

@ fashion meets art: Hey DANKE :) ! Ich hab mir vor ein paar Jahren mal ne Canon 350D gekauft. Ein neues Objektiv wär muss ich mir mal zulegen..

Jamie-Maree said...

I wish I had that much Acne.
I love your style!



evangelie said...


Down This Road said...

i want it all too! ALL of it!!! do you get acne and marant goods on ebay babe??? X

Mija said...

@ il était une fois...: I DO :) ! The most of the stuff is new and unworn - and I'm seriously a ebay junkie, though ;).

Anonymous said...

I love them all!