10 February 2012

SCULL cut-out

SOURCE   tumblr / Urbanoutfitters / Zara

I saw the t-shirt about three months ago at urbanoutfitters and I thought it's kind of a halloween gag or so. But now ZARA the big big copycat did it again. Copy paste.
The t-shirt is from Truly Madly Deeply and the top in the last photo is from Zara. I like both.
But this is a really fun and easy diy project for the weekend...


fashion-meets-art said...

ja, ich denke auch, dass man das selbst machen kann. ist ja kein problem so ein langes schwarzes shirt zu finden u es selbst rauszuschnippeln :)
liebste grüße :)
wünsche dir ein schönes we!
maren anita


EdgyCuts said...

cute :}

Eva said...

I still regret not buying the Truly Madly Deeply version. The Zara one is ok, but a DIY project sounds more appealing.:)

sambatsas said...

I thought zadig et voltaire were the first to do this?